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Labour protection

First of all, “Labor protection” service is incumbent to provide and then to control safe conditions of work for operation of our employees.

We should train employees to safe staying at the workplace for health and life. Because work activity is always accompanied by possible effect of dangerous and harmful production factors on the worker.

Labor protection” service is one of the most important structures which should be present at all the enterprises, according to the Labor Code of the Kyrgyz Republic, correspondingly, in our company such structure exists from the day of the company foundation. Of course, “Labor protection” service is extended year by year, since number of employees is constantly increasing.

According to the labor legislation, when entering employment all prospective employees of the company independently on position are introductory briefed. Then there is the introductory briefing at the work place directly in work conditions. Also briefings are repeated with definite periodicity, and there is safety knowledge assessment that employees don’t forget anything and make harm to their health or their colleagues’ health during work.

Labor protection” service controls over not just safe work conditions of employees, but sanitary maintenance of work places, production areas and territory adjacent to objects.

There are held trainings with administrative and managerial staff: on rendering of emergency incidental medical service to the injured; on actions in case of fire and natural hazards; on identification of possible risks of physical and electric injuries; on registration of planned and side events for labor safety; and so on.