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Social Responsiveness

We constantly provide monthly financial assistance to the “Kol Sunam” PO and “SOS-Children’s village” PF, Bishkek city.

Kol Sunam” PO is the day-care centre for children with nasty forms of physical and mental disorders.

Allocated funds are channeled for center support, purchase of health aids, food products, household chemicals and other.

SOS-Children’s village” PF, Bishkek city is the public fund taking care of children through provision of family form custody and prevention of child abandonment. Currently, 85 children aged under 16 years old reside in the “Village”. This fund has performed its activity for 20 years in the KR and has proved itself to be reliable.

Allocated funds are channeled for payment for additional non-formal education of children residing in the “Village”.

Annually in advance of such holidays as “Victory Day” on May 9 and “Day of Older Persons” on October 1, assistance is provided to the “Comrades-in-arms” PO, the association of veterans of the Great Patriotic War. This organization receives funds for every member of association and food products.

Also there is traditionally held the “Do good” pre-New Year event. Customers may bring or purchase in our stores all what they would like to give to physically disabled children. Collected goods and products are given to parent organizations throughout the whole republic.

There are located boxes for collection of money in each store. Putting money there, our customers make a great contribution in development and support of the following Funds: “Help the children”, “House of Mercy” and “Red Crescent”.

For your information. In order to become charity recipient, you need to write official letter and bring it to our office. Employees of our company will contact you during 3 days from receipt of the letter for posting of results of letter consideration.